The Exciting Cycle Post

Hi everyone in this post we want to bring together some of our favourite cycle videos covering all types of cycling. The aim of this post is to get you motivated to take action and get on your bike and get pedalling.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get off you butt and dust the bike down that’s sitting in the garage, get your helmet on and get out and about. That’s why we have put this post together.

We hope it gets you going and gets you on your two wheeled friend.

Mountain Biking

Well we start with good old Mountain biking and with Lana Del Ray playing in the soundtrack how can this not get one’s juices flowing. Extreme mountain biking is becoming increasingly popular as time goes on – why not try it.

Check out the 360 cam views in this amazing video. If this doesn’t get you going then nothing will:

There’s so much in this video to be appreciated from the shredding of the forest to the epic Red Bull airs this vid is definitely a fav!

C2C Cycling

So we have seen above some absolutely jaw dropping mountain bike cycling – so how can this section compare to this? Well okay so it’s not as spectacular to watch and doesn’t leave you in awe; however, this type of cycling is extremely special in its own right.

The C2C Cycle Route stretches from one to side of England to the other from West to East. Cycling the width of England leaves cyclists with a feeling of completeness and great reward. The 120 mile plus route has thousands of riders cycle this spectacular route every year. Some take the challenge of beating their own time, whilst others enjoy some of the best countryside England has to offer and take their time.

This video shows the C2C Cycle route and a rider undertaking it. If you get a chance to take on the challenge we say ‘go for it’! Avid cyclists say this is a must if you are a serious cycle nut.

BMX Cycling

Wowza I’ve got to confess I’m big on BMXing and this video shows exactly why. Being able to execute double backflips on a bike is crazy. Okay so not many people can achieve this, but knowing it’s possible is motivational.

Also the technical side of BMX is brilliant to watch. Flatland is the different side to BMXing that as the name describes keeps the rider confined to the ground, rather than front flipping and tail whipping out of half pipes. We thought it important to include a nice video of some flatland cycling. Watch Keelan Philips killing it here with some bicycle ballet:


Okay so some might be angry that I included this in the ‘Exciting Cycle Post’ but nonetheless motocross still gets me going with it’s extremely dangerous sky high jumps at god knows how many miles per hour. When I witnessed the first double backflip on a motorbike I felt privilaged to see a human achieve such a feat.

Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet (be sure to watch to the end):

Motivated Yet?

Well are you? On a serious note we hope you enjoyed some of the cycle videos we have selected for you in this post and we know the standard cyclist isn’t going to go out and bust double back flips, but if these help put a smile on your face and perhaps gets you on your bike for even 1 session that is fantastic.

What’s your favourite cycle video that gets you in the mood? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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Cycling Photos

Below are some cycling (including the motor type) that we really like and wanted to share. Sometimes a single image can sum up a thousands words and make you feel the tranquillity, action or whatever the image captures.

motor cycling

Above is a motocross image we found that we really like. This guy’s realy catching some air doing a seat grab.


The above image shows a cyclist out in the countryside by himself. We think this one is not captures some beautiful countryside but it also shows the connection between the cyclists out and landscape. If you’ve ever cycled in the countryside you will know how amazing this can feel.

gs cycle

You might have seen this one from our About Page. We obviously love this one!

The sunlight hitting the water combined with the cyclist lumbering up most likely for a very enjoyable ride encapsulates so much.

Have you got any images?

If you have any images that you want to share please send them in. Remember GS Cycle is all about your content, so please help and contribute.


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Some Awesome BMX Tricks

We love all types of cycling from mountain bike to road biking to motor cycling, motor cross and especially BMX cycling.

Check out this video we found on Youtube featuring some of the best BMX tricks we have ever seen.

The world of GS cycling loves some of the tricks in this video. You can’t go wrong with a bit of grinding, tail whips and superman jumps.

What type of cycling do you prefer? Have you got any cool videos doing some knarly tricks?

Well if you have we want to see em. Send them in and we will get them on the site.



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Welcome to the world of GS Cycle

Hi, we want to welcome you to our new website here we will provide content on cycling and other things we enjoy doing and find exciting.

We like to collaborate with visitors and people similar to ourselves so if you want to comment, say hello, send in a vid or a pic of your cycle or non cycle experience then please do so.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you like the GS Cycle content we will post here.




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